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Miss America wears a stethascope

When you spend time creating and executing strategic marketing plans for franchise systems, there's nothing more gratifying than when you watch a franchise owner and staff formulate and execute a plan at the local market level, especially when their idea makes a lot of customers, both current and new, very happy. Here's a great example of a Gigi's Cupcake bakery owner in Jonesboro, Arkansas who showed some quick and creative thinking in order to reward a special group of people in his community.

When hosts from the popular TV show 'The View' made light of the nursing profession following Miss Colorado, Kelly Johnson's monologue about nurses during the 2015 Miss America Pageant, thousands of people took offense and jumped to the defense of nurses and the nursing profession. Social media was filled with hashtags and personal comments, as people expressed their disbelief that anyone could ever have a negative word about the nursing profession. One particular comment from a host of 'The View' questioned Miss Johnson's reason for wearing a stethoscope during her monologue during the talent portion of the pageant.

Mark Morgan, owner of Gigi's Cupcakes in Jonesboro, Arkansas, (pop 72,000) decided it was time to reward nurses in his community. So, Mark's team announced that every nurse who came into the store wearing a stethoscope the next day, received free mini cupcakes at Gigi's. Mark's team extended the offer to doctors and other medical personnel.

The result? Smiles, happy nurses, visitors to the Gigi's bakery, and a lot of happy Jonesvillians!

Posted by William Foushee
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