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Hester and Cook helped pioneer the handmade home items market, by first creating a wine bottle stopper made from an antique doorknob. From there, they moved into a variety of related (and eventually unrelated) items, all crafted by artisans in and around the Nashville area. But as sales grew (both to customers and via wholesale) they desperately needed an upgrade to their ecommerce presence.


Being a design company at its core, the leadership at Hester and Cook had a clear understanding of how they wanted to be presented online. They needed a site that was clean, clear and professional, and allowed their incredibly diverse, detailed product to shine.

After walking through wireframes, we eventually landed on a design that gave them the ability to add product banners, photos and messaging in each of their three main product line sections.

Day-to-day, the H&C team manages all aspects of their website, adding new products on the fly and processing transactions through their Authorize.net credit card account.

Sales Success

With their previous website, technology issues were an every day problem. Layouts were broken, and the user experience was inconsistent, resulting in angry customers and lost sales.

With their new site, online sales have significantly increased and the site performs the same way, all the time, on all platforms.

And with clear messaging to the customer regarding their sales policies, their web team is able to quickly respond to customer questions.


Because most of their products are sold through retailers, wholesale is a significant part of H&C's business model. We integrated their shopping cart with the Solovue wholesaling and warehousing platform, so orders that came through their new customer-facing web store were able to process and ship through their warehouse.

Easy to update

H&C's previous website had a clunky, ugly administrative interface that made it virtually impossible to update without making mistakes. Their new website features a beautiful, modern admin that everyone on their team can easily use, from interns to executives.

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