Email marketing doesn't have to suck

We love email marketing for one reason: Done right, it sells product! 

Despite the undeniable impact of social networks and pay-per-click, we've found that email is the most cost-effective way to reach your core audience. In fact, one of our mass mail delivery partners tells us that ROI on mass mail is an eye-popping 4300%—and we can certainly vouch for that in our agency's experience.

First, build a great website

If you don't have a great website to send your email recipients to,  then they're not likely to join your email list. And even less likely to stay on it.

Who would want to get email from a company with a crappy website? Get serious about content, and understanding what your customers value in terms of information about your products and services—and get that info to your website.

Sign'em up

Modern email services provide great tools that we can easily place throughout your website and at your Facebook page. These widgets are customizable so they look and feel like your website, and come with proven tools to automate signup. And often the best email companies will work with us to create even better tools for our clients.

Segment and personalize

We hate the words "email blast," because it implies that effective email marketing is akin to blowing out generic messages to a nameless world. Segment your email list by market (or even store location), specific product interest, birth date, loyalty club membership and if possible sales from your website. Then, when we strategize your email marketing, we can design messages to specific customers with specific offers.

For a multi-unit business, it's very likely that an offer at one location wont' be the same as an offer at the next. Segmenting your email list by the service area is a good start. 

If your business has a loyalty program, we can integrate that data into your email program. This enables us to "reward" customers for purchases through email—like a free appetizer when they reach a certain number of loyalty points. This keeps customers on your email list, and brings tangible value to being a loyalty club member.

Promise something

If you join our email list, what do you get? Test different offers—a free appetizer, a cupcake on your birthday—and go with what works best.

Focus on design

Most people receive hundreds of email messages a day. The messages that get clicked on look as if the sender really cares about their message. Great visuals, strong headlines, beautiful and clear buttons, and links to compelling content that delivers what you promise—these are the things that move the email needle.

WYSIWYG email interfaces are fine, but they don't provide the design look and feel customers want. Take the time to design your email with the same care you design your website and print materials. The results will be obvious.

Optimized, trackable landing content

Email is all about a call to action. The key to successful email marketing is to focus on what you want the customer to do, and then quickly rewarding their decision to click with landing content. When we do email sends, we almost always create landing pages with content that directly and exclusively relates to that specific message. This ensures that the customer gets what we promised quickly and clearly, and we can track responses exclusive to that email message via analytics.

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