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The franchise world is filled with loud, empty sales pitches, and in the end, everyone discovers that what works for pizza doesn't work for pet care. That's why Generator has developed proven, scalable tools that are designed to be customizable to any concept. With our unique marketing experience and powerful  digital tools, we can help you grow your system quickly and profitably, while keeping your franchisees happy.

Concept Branding

Consistency matters—and it's all about the little things. If you don't take an active and direct role in making sure everything your customer sees matches your specific brand concept, your franchise will lose its unique identity in the market.

And when you lose your unique brand identity, you can never get it back.

That's why Generator tries to take a wholistic approach to franchise branding. We don't just look at your website. We consider retail, social media, public relations, digital signage, and (of course) sales results to devise a brand strategy that is not only relevant to your vision, but capable of expanding as your system grows.

And we don't just consider where you are at today. Hopefully, your franchise will grow, and we look at what you may encounter as you add new franchisees, and plan for expansion to multiple locations, cities and even countries. This includes website design, online content, analytics and SEO at your website, mobile, social networking, public relations and (perhaps most importantly) local store marketing.


When it comes to technology, even the most experienced franchise operator feel overwhelmed.

That's why we've worked hard to pare down the technology options best suited for the franchise model, and do our best to keep things simple and manageable by internal staff and (especially) franchisees. This includes:

  •  Website CMS back end technologies
  • Search engine optimization and tracking
  • Online ordering
  • Point of sale (and related API integrations)
  • iOS and Android app design
  • Mass email marketing
  • Social networking content management systems
  • Internal franchise communications systems

The bottom line when it comes to technology is that it has to work for the franchisor, it has to work for the franchisee, and it has to lead to sales. No matter what technology challenge you are facing, Generator likely has experience in that area, and can offer proven solutions.

Online ordering

Almost every franchise client we've ever worked with came to us because they made a mistake in the online ordering system they have deployed. Just because a web store will work for one location does not mean it will work for 20. Or 50. Or 500. You have to have an ecommerce system that works the same way for everyone, is easy to deploy and update, and is affordable for the local franchisee.

After years of working in online ordering in the franchise market, we have developed an online ordering system that is built for the specific needs of multi-location clients. This system includes the following features that are uniquely suited for the franchise marketplace:

  • One brand look and feel that is unique to your concept, that is consistent at all web stores without exception
  • Administrative access tools, so you can restrict what level franchisees have to change their products, prices and promotions
  • Custom promotion tools, giving local franchisees the ability to create their own coupon codes and discount combinations
  • A clean and concise Dashboard, giving your team an easy way to know how much you've sold in any given time period
  • Using JSON, we have the ability to easily integrate with virtually any technology system you may already deploy. This includes point of sale, loyalty club, mass email, CRM and more
  • Clean and simple one-page checkout, giving the customer a streamlined path to purchase your product
  • On-board 24/7/365 technical support within your admin. When you get stuck, we fix it. Fast.
  • Custom development when you need it, and guaranteed to work forever. No more broken plug-ins or developers who have gone AWOL.

Artwork design, customization and delivery

Franchisors rarely if ever have a good way of delivering digital artwork to their franchisees. Generator has developed a proprietary online system for receiving artwork requests from local franchisees, an easy way to receive and deliver customizations, and a trackable way to deliver artwork in a timely basis. 

Want a demo? Shoot us an email, we'll show you how it works. It's easy, secure and most important, it works.

Strategic Planning

We can help you weed out what isn't important, so you can focus on what will build your franchise from five, to 50, to 500 locations and beyond. We spend the time to get to know your dreams and goals, and where the holes are in your organization that either we can fill, or can recommend someone else can fill.

At the end of that process, we will arrive at a written marketing plan that covers every base, including local store marketing. That plan will be specific, with timelines, deadlines and goals. And we'll help you delegate tasks to the person or organization that will be held directly responsible for results.

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